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A bit about me...

I've travelled, I've lived in other countries, I've had an amazing career as a publisher. I'm happy, I'm fulfilled, I'm overjoyed with life. 

I have a wonderful husband of 10 years (and counting) and I can't not mention my three adorable little boys who are my biggest fans really! 

I have been blessed with a wonderful life and I continue to strive and keep a hold of my happiness. My life before Civil Celebrancy was busy enough, I promise but, I was searching for a career that would be joyful and rewarding.  And what could possibly be better than getting invited to as many forms of celebrations as I can.


Becoming an Authorised Civil Celebrant really felt so natural to me. I genuinely feel its my calling. I completed my Cert IV in Marriage Celebrancy in 2020 and registered with the Attorney General's Marriage Department in February 2021.... so, I'm still fairly fresh! 

At the risk of sounding cornier than ever, I love love! I'm comfortable and confident and I'm in my element when I am marrying two people in-love, uniting and taking their next steps together as one.  Seriously, I can't think of a better job!

My goal this year is to be the BEST Celebrant for every one of my couples getting married or renewing their vows or committing to each other.  Not forgetting of course, the darling children I can perform Naming ceremonies for.

As a registered, authorised marriage celebrant in Australia, I am bound by the Marriage Celebrant's Code of Practice and the marriage laws of Australia.  Put quite simply, it is my duty to conduct a lawful and binding marriage to those that seek to marry legally within Australia.

There are five main objectives within the Code of Practice for Marriage Celebrants, they are:

1. The application of The Code of Practice.

2. A high standard of service.

3. Recognition of significance of marriage.

4. Compliance with the Marriage Act 1961 and other laws.

5. General requirements for marriage ceremonies.

For further information on the Code of Practice for Marriage Celebrants, click here.

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